Second Act: The Story is the Glory

Do Stuff, be clenched. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead.
~ Susan Sontag

The raw struggle of creating; writing the opus was hard enough, but that’s only the half of it. The most challenging part of the journey is the epic disappointment, doubt, and disinterest that tests my hardy optimism. Taking risks, reinventing oneself, trying new things is the rich, sweet nectar of Living Large. Risk – the messy bed of which River of Love is built on.

The first chapter opens with the patriarch getting busted for sleeping with the town barfly. Rose the main character risks everything to be with a gabacho (white dude) from the preppy parochial boy’s school. Chavela a.k.a. Cha Cha Rose’s cousin and sidekick rolls the oldest of dice tricks and is pregnant at age 15. Weaving throughout and underneath the turmoil is Love working on our behalf… always.

Consider how many chances we take by just getting through the day, it is a miracle. The insurmountable dilemma of an emerging writer finding a publisher is when this stubborn chingona slaps it in irrevocable faith gear knowing that the universe has my back. (Crosses self.) I don’t want to be discouraging; I’ve experienced joy and fulfillment bringing River of Love to life and am damned determined to share it with the world. The River of Love Gang grew through many lessons and first experiences that flowed waterfall like into our collective consciousness. What other high school ephemeral memories will River of Love spark?

I started working in the film business at 48 which took colossal cojones. Heartbreaking how many projects that didn’t get distributed. Wasted time words and effort. When a movie, song, story any creative endeavor doesn’t reach its potential, it erases pieces of that soul and spirit, diminishing us all. I will do as I did in the film business – reach out and help writers any way possible. In this climate, we must persevere, push on and assist others. And revel in our connectedness doing what we can to move the boulder of good forward.

Can you find the great blue heron in the photo? He’s in River of Love.

The Story is the Glory
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2 thoughts on “Second Act: The Story is the Glory”

  1. Can’t wait to read the book! Sounds so amazing! You are truly a success! So much passion and hard work.

  2. Comadre
    Love love love
    River of Love.
    I so admire your hard work and positive vibe. The story is the glory. When the right publisher finds your story it will be magical.
    It’s hard work submitting.
    Go write your next story. The joy of your writing is your unique voice. I look forward to reading your next project.
    Love and faith.

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